[銳] she is my sin

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来自芬兰的歌特nightwish乐队的she is my sin。


Take heed, dear heart
Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you
Dressed as one
A wolf will betray a lamb
Lead astray the gazers
The razors on your seducing skin
In the meadow of sinful thoughts
Every flower`s perfect
To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear
A sin for him
Desire within
A burning veil
For the bride too dear for him
A sin for him
Desire within
Fall in love with your deep dark sin
I am the Fallen
You are what my sins enclose
Lust is not as creative
As its discovery
To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear
A sin for him...
Bless me, undress me
Pick your prey in a wicked way
God I must confess...
...I do envy the sinners

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#1 - 2007-7-30 12:48
囡佳児。 爱尔兰
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